Wednesday, December 2, 2009

that’s one good thing that happened today

This morning I was talking to my dh, who was driving. I was telling him about something that had happened, and I said “that’s one good thing that happened today”, which made me think. I am always stressing over the bad things that happen in life, but I’d bet there was at least one good thing that happened every day that didn’t get much attention. Granted, noticing a tire is flat before you drive on it is a small thing, but it’s definitely a good thing.

I decided right then to blog about this to for people to keep a journal about at least one good thing that happens to them every day. In this day of internet acces with MySpace, Face Book, Twitter, etc., I figured a blog would be a better idea. Maybe there are other people who feel the same way and can be inspired to do the same.

So, this blog is where I will like you to tell me your “at least one good thing” that happens to you every day. Maybe if we am concentrating on the good things, the bad things won’t seem quite so bad.

So leave me a comment about you having one good thing that happened today.

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